Colored Contact Lens Tips

Sunday, Oct 1, 2023 by Nisha Gupta, MD

This month we will discuss colored contact lenses.

What are colored contact lenses?

Colored contact lenses are often used for theatrical purposes or as part of a costume to change how the eyes look. They can change eye color or pupil size. They can come as a prescription or without vision correction.

Is it safe to wear colored contacts?

Colored contact lenses can be safe to use if you are seen by a licensed eye care provider first. The contacts will be fitted and the provider will give tips on how to protect the eyes from infections and other injuries.

There are retailers selling contact lenses illegally. These are not regulated by the FDA so they may be repackaged, dirty, and contaminated with chemicals. They may sell products that are not the correct size which can lead to scratches and other injuries of the eyes.

What symptoms and injuries are caused by colored lenses?

Infections are one of the most common problems seen with improper use of colored contact lenses. It is possible to go blind from these infections.

What are good practices to follow to safely use colored contacts?

  • Get an eye exam from a licensed professional before purchasing lenses.
  • Get a valid prescription for the contacts.
  • Only buy lenses from an FDA approved seller who requires a prescription.
  • Follow good contact lens hygiene for cleaning the lenses.
  • Do not share lenses with anyone else.
  • See an eye doctor immediately for any redness, pain, swelling, discharge, or vision changes.

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