Contact Lens Tips

Monday, Aug 1, 2022 by Nisha Gupta, MD

This month we will discuss proper care for contact lenses.

Can everyone wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses are not for everyone. They require proper care and are not the best option if one cannot take care of them. If one lives or works in a dusty environment or works with chemicals, contacts are not the best option. If one has severe allergies, get repeated eye infections, or has significant dry eye symptoms, contact lenses may not be the best choice. One should discuss with their doctor whether contact lenses are suitable for them.

What are some of the risks of using contact lenses incorrectly?

How do I properly clean lenses?

  • Clean contact lenses following instructions by a doctor and by the manufacturer of the cleaning solution.
  • Always use clean hands to remove lenses.
  • Rub and rinse lenses with cleaning solution before storing.
  • Always use new solution to clean and store lenses. Never use saline, water, or saliva to clean or store lenses.
  • If storing lenses for a long period of time, make sure to re-disinfect, especially if it has been more than thirty days.
  • Keep the solution bottle closed tightly and do not touch the tip to anything.

How do I clean the case?

  • Rinse the case with sterile solution and let air dry.
  • Replace cases at least every three months or sooner if damaged.

What are some other good practices to follow?

  • Only wear lenses for the correct amount of time. For instance, do not wear monthly contacts more than one month. Protein deposits can collect on the lenses, and they can warp over time.
  • Try to wear lenses for short periods of time during the day, around 8-10 hours maximum.
  • Remove lenses every night. Sleeping in lenses lead to a higher risk of infection.
  • Only use artificial tears while wearing lenses. Do not use any other drops.
  • Do not swim with contact lenses on.
  • Remove lenses if experiencing any symptoms of blurred vision, redness, pain, or discharge.

Make sure to see your eye doctor regularly and if any new symptoms occur while wearing contact lenses.

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