Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023 by Nisha Gupta, MD

This month we will talk about the condition iridodonesis.

What is iridodonesis and what causes it?

Iridodonesis is when the iris moves or shakes with regular eye movement. Causes include aphakia, the absence of a lens, or a subluxated lens. This is when the lens separates from the ligaments that hold it up. This may occur from an injury, surgery, or rare genetic mutations.

What are the symptoms?

Usually there are no symptoms. Occasionally it can cause blurry vision or light sensitivity.

How is it detected?

A comprehensive exam including checking the vision and dilating the eyes to view the iris and lens are imperative.

What are the treatments?

Usually, no treatment is necessary for iridodonesis. Drops may be used to make the pupil smaller if a patient is experiencing visual symptoms. Lens subluxation often requires surgical treatment.

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